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At its meeting on 11th November 2014 in Cairo, the Executive Committee of the Confederation of African Football CAF has taken note of the response of the Minister of Youth and Sports of the Kingdom of Morocco in a letter dated 8 November 2014 requesting the postponement of the Orange Africa Cup of Nations in 2015.

This response clearly indicates that the Royal Moroccan Football Federation reiterated its refusal to hold the competition on the dates indicated January 17-February 8, 2015.

Therefore, having firmly and unanimously notified on 3 November its decision to keep the competition on the dates indicated, the Executive Committee confirmed that the Orange Africa Cup of Nations 2015 will not take place in Morocco.

The Organising Committee of the Orange Africa Cup of Nations will later apply the statutory provisions that are required due to a breach of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation regulatory and contractual provisions, including those set out in the Host Association Agreement signed between CAF and the Royal Moroccan Football Federation in April 2014.

The Executive Committee took note of receipt by 10 November, 2014 of some applications of national associations confirming their desire to host the 2015 competition on the dates agreed. These applications are currently under review, and the Executive Committee will finalize the selection of the successful National Association shortly and confirm the place and date of the draw of the final tournament at the same time.

The Executive Committee confirms the continuation of qualifiers match-days 5 & 6, which will be held during the month 14/15 November and 19 November, paving the way for the qualification of the 15 teams that will be joining the team of the host country.

Accordingly, and following the refusal of the Moroccan party, the Executive Committee has decided that the national team of Morocco is automatically disqualified and will not take part in the 30th edition of the Orange Africa Cup of Nations in 2015.
ዜናውን፣ ጽሑፉን ከወደዱት የፌስቡክ ገጾ ላይ ሼር ያድርጉት
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cheap jordan 11 low [972 days ago.]
 I have had little experience of mixing with the true "upper" classes here, having never met any big sheiks or princes or the like so I have no idea myself only what others have told me. Again these upper levels of society treat us westerners in much the same way that we treat each other if not far more more generously..

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