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Player? Sidama
Sidama Coffee

Name: Player?  
Weight: 00  
Age: 00  
Height: 00  
Position: GK  
Club: Sidama Coffee  
Will be updated soon

Goal Statistics
During the match Goal
Fasil City Vs Sidama Coffee 1
Commercial Bank Vs Sidama Coffee 1
Total 2
Sidama Coffee Players Goal Statistics
Andualem Negussie 3
Fitsume Teffera 1
Player? 2
Bereket Addisu 4
Zenebe Kebede 1
Erkyihun Endirias 1
Erik Muren 2
Fistume Teferi 1
Lucky Laberdinan 1
Addis Gidey 4
Tewodros Bekele 1
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